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In November a homeless man, Chiriac Inout, was found dead near a car park in Birmingham city centre in temperatures of -6C. The government is due to publish the latest annual rough sleeping statistics for England next Wednesday, and campaigners expect another rise. Official numbers of people forced to sleep on the streets rose by a third in 2015 to 3,369, which was double the figure in 2010. Housing support includes services aimed at helping people at risk of homelessness such as ex-offenders, people who are mentally ill, substance abusers, or those with learning disabilities stay in stable accommodation, as well as the provision of hostel beds and homelessness outreach initiatives. In Norfolk, charities have said 5m cuts to housing support services equivalent to around 55% proposed by Norfolk county council from April would drive up homelessness in Norwich, which is already reporting record numbers of people sleeping rough on the streets. Derek Player, the general manager of St Martins Housing Trust, a homelessness charity in Norwich, said the county councils proposals would push up homelessness and divert more people This Is Due To The Fact That Natural Products Contain No Additives Or Preservatives And Therefore They Are Very Safe And Reliable. | Blog Ariana Anderson into high-cost social care and NHS services. He said: I have every sympathy with councils who are charged with really difficult choices. But the services [they are proposing to cut] are the services that divert people away from expensive forms of social care. We are easy targets, but we should be invested in, not disinvested from. Alan Waters, the leader of Norwich city council, said the city faced a perfect storm of shrinking council budgets, welfare cuts and rising rents.

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