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(Photo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20161020/430835 ) The 11th World Health Tourism Congress was held under the patronage of the Government of Dubai, Dubai Health Authority and Dubai Tourism Commercial Marketing. The congress brings together corporate purchasers of healthcare with world-class medical providers, including health authorities and major companies operating in the health tourism industry. Receiving the award, Mr. David Probert, Chief Executive of Moorfields Eye Hospital, said, “I am delighted to receive this prestigious award on behalf of Moorfields. It is due recognition for the efforts of the entire team that has expanded and developed the hospital’s reach internationally in recent years, through our first branch hospital here in Dubai, and now our new facility in Abu Dhabi.” Since opening in Dubai in 2007, Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai has treated more than 100,000 patients from more than 180 countries, as well as local and regional patients. Moorfields also puts a strong emphasis on research and teaching, which are part of the hospital’s overall mission. About Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai (MEHD) is the first overseas branch of Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, the oldest and one of the largest centres for ophthalmic treatment, teaching and research in the world. Located at the Al Razi Medical Complex in Dubai Health Care City, the facility provides day case surgery and outpatient diagnostic and treatment services, for a variety of surgical and non-surgical eye conditions. MEHD will also raise standards for research and teaching in the region. MEHD is owned and managed by the NHS Foundation Trust, and maintains close links with London, to ensure that patients in the GCC receive the best eye care treatment in the world.

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It is a fact that cells that form the optic nerve are unable to regenerate, or they cannot repair themselves. It may also vary according to the part of the nerve which is damaged, and how much it is damaged. It carries visual information from the retina to the brain. Mostly, patients diagnosed with opticl nerve damage experience permanent vision loss. Eye pain that is worsened by eye movement Abnormal side vision because of limited mobility of the pupil Loss of contrasts, things may appear brighter in one eye than in the other Failure in interpreting the surroundings’ Severity of loss of vision may vary from patient to patient. Eyes are sensitive organs, and loss of vision can make your life miserable. Some may experience blurring while some may experience complete blindness. Inflammation of the spinal cord and optic nerve, known as neuromyelitis optica. is an autoimmune disorder, which can affect the function of the nerves. Inflamed arteries in the skull, cat scratch fever, tuberculosis, bee stings, lupus, Lyme disease, hepatitis B, herpes, and swelling of the optic disc papilla due to an increase in intra cranial pressure may also cause this condition.

She also received a Health Care Innovation Award from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to implement a new model of emergency care for older adults. New members are elected by current, active members through a selective process that recognizes people who have made major contributions to the advancement of the medical sciences, health care, and public health. Established in 1970 by the National Academy of Sciences, NAM is a national resource that provides independent, objective analysis and advice on health issues. The new NAM members bring Mount Sinai’s total membership in the prestigious group to 21. The distinguished Mount Sinai faculty members who Drs. Goate and Richardson join in earning this honor are: * Joseph D. Buxbaum, PhD * Dennis S. Charney, MD * Kenneth L. Davis, MD * Robert J. Desnick, MD, PhD * Kurt W.

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A properly licensed eye care professional will go over all the reason why not and if the eye surgery is advised, why you should have it and what’s entailed. Sutures are removed on the 4th to 5th day after the surgery. The main reason for removing a pterygium is to prevent future loss of eyesight by stopping the pterygium from growing over the central area of the cornea. Although good results are expected, there is no guarantee. Some people receive the surgery during a brow lift as it helps to lift the entire face up, eliminating drooping and sagging skin in several areas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mup6es-Huqw&index=2&list=PLQgQL1NS2lW8TCsmikHadkMbnz0OZBRSnCataracts are an extremely severe eye disease that results in cloudy areas that slowly form in the lens of the eye. Timing is Everything for Women Considering LASIK In order to be a good candidate for LASIK, your vision must be stable. If you are the right candidate for such procedure, it is something that worth considering. findTraditional microkeratome or laser Lasik has been around and tested for a very long time, up to 30 years with the former, and almost 15 with the latter. Most of us do not really understand the worth of a good doctor until the time when we are on the lookout for one, and come across horrendous experiences that our friends and colleagues have gone through.

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